You can come here and learn religion, but remember, you also need to learn how to live, for you and others. Do not just read and think you have some knowledge, all you have is, remembered, however, one must apply, because the end result is to win with out stepping on others.  Do not let religion make you passive or overtly aggressive, you have one life, be the best you can be. You can do it.  THINK.


Book collected and written by educated professors and scholars,  so here it is for those in search of knowledge.

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Books 1 – Amals, Ziyarats and Duas.

Main Books 1  — Book 1_1 Book 1_2  Book 1_3   —  Book 1_4

Research Books — R1 —  R2  —  R3 —  R4R5 

Al Mizan –  – Tafsir al-Mizan (Arabic: تفسير الميزان‎), is an exegesis of the Quran) written by Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i. ( bottom page )


Islam and the Shi’ite creed

Shia-Sunni Dialogue

Inter-Religion Dialogue

Islamic History

Prophets of Islam عليهم السلام and Prophethood


Imam Ali عليه السلام, Ghadeer and Imamat

Imam Hussain عليه السلام and Karbala

Other Imams

Imam Mahdi عجّل اللّه فرجه الشريف and Occultation

40 ahadith



Tafasir (QUR’AN)

Salah and Dua

Women and The Parental, Connubial and Juvenescent Lives ( + Marriage )

Islamic Luminaries

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Allama Sayyid Murtaza Askari

Allama Murtaza Mutahhari

Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

Sayyid Mujtaba Musawi Lari

Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi


40 Hadith

Al Mizan – All PDF

Answering Ansar – Revealing the Truth – but do visit their SITE


Iqtisaduna ( Our Economics )

The Prophet’s Successor


Spirituality + Self Improvement.



Western Writers


 Master of Jin by Iriving Karchmar – This will link you to his site.

Books by Specific Scholars.

Ayatullah Sayyed Khomeini

Ayatullah Nasir Makarim al-Shiraz

Ayatullah Sayyid Ali as-Sistani

Ayatullah Shaheed Dastghaib Shirazi

Kamal al-Syyed

Shaheed Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr

Sheikh al-Mufeed

Sheikh al-Saduq

Sheikh Abbas al-Qummi

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Shaheeds Behishti & Bahonar

Shaikh AbdulKarim Parekh

Sheikh al-Tusi

Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar

Sheikh Muhammad M. Khalfan

Sheikh Muslim Bhanji

Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi

Allamah Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi

Sayyed al Hakeem

Other books.

Philosophy and Logic – Taken from HERE

  • A Commentary on Theistic Arguments by al-Shaykh Abdollah Jawadi Amoli [PDF]
  • A Comparison between Sadra’s Transcendent Philosophy and Husserl’s Phenomenology by Abdul Rahim Afaki [PDF]
  • A Discussion of the Kursi by al-Syed Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i [PDF]
  • A Divine Perspective on Rights Commented by Dr. Ghodratullah Mashayekhi [PDF]
  • A Journey to the Fact by Fakhri Mashkoor [PDF]
  • A Probe into the Meaning of Light in the Qur’an and Hadith by Azizullah Afshar Kermani [PDF]
  • A Study in the Philosophy of Islamic Rites by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • A Summary of Logic by al-Syed Sadiq Shirazi [PDF]
  • Al Siraj [The Lantern on the Path to Allah Almighty] by Husain ibn Ali alBahrani [PDF]
  • Al-Tawhid Journal [PDF]
  • Are You Free or a Slave? by al-Shaykh Muhammad Reyshahri [PDF]
  • Arsh of Allah by al-Syed Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i [PDF]
  • Causality and Freedom by al-Shaykh Mohsen Araki [PDF]
  • Challenges and Dilemmas in Making Values and Ideals by Dr. Abbas Ali Shameli [PDF]
  • Cognizance of Unitarianism by al-Shaykh Mushtaq Hussain Shahidi [PDF]
  • Contemporary Man and the Social Problem by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Contemporary Topics of Islamic Thought by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Critique of Marxist Philosophy by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr – Part 1 [PDF] – Part 2 [PDF]
  • Determinism and Free Will in the Qur’an by Mahdi Gorjian [PDF]
  • Different Methodological Approaches to Spirituality by al-Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Different Treatments of Spirituality by al-Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Divine (Allah’s) Judgment (Hokm) versus Human Judgment (Hokm) by Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Divine Guide in Early Shi’ism by Dr. Mohammad Ali Moezzi [PDF]
  • Divine Justice and the Problem of Evil by Dr. Ghulam Hossein Adeel [PDF]
  • Divine Revelation – An Islamic Perspective on Divine Guidance and Human Understanding by al-Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Divine Revelation, Human Reason and Science by al-Shaykh Abdullah Jawadi Amuli [PDF]
  • Duty of Acquiring Knowledge by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Educational Revolution by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Essence of Thoughts by al-Shaykh Yousef Saanei [PDF]
  • Eternity of Man [PDF]
  • Eternity of Moral Values by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Evolution of Man by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Excerpts from ‘Divine Justice’ by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari
  • Excerpt from ‘The Causes Responsible for Materialist Tendencies in the West’ by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari
    • A Response to Hume [PDF]
    • Chance, God or Causation [PDF] 
    • God and Evolution [PDF]
    • The Concept of Creation [PDF]
    • The Inadequacy of Some Philosophical Ideas in the West [PDF]
  • Existence as a Predicate in Kant and Mulla Sadra by Reza Akbarian [PDF]
  • Fast of the Month of Ramadan – Philosophy and Ahkam by Yasin T. Al-Jibouri [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Fasting and the Holy Month of Ramadhan by al-Shaykh Mansour Leghaei [PDF]
  • Forty Ahadith by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Freedom by al-Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi [PDF]
  • Goal of Life by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Hegel’s Ethics by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen[PDF]
  • Hegel’s Spirituality by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Hermeneutical Foundations for Islamic Social Sciences by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • How Do We Know a Scripture is True by Kamyar Hedayat [PDF]
  • Human Nature and Nature of Morality by al-Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Humanism and Theocentrism in Islamic and Western Thought by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Inner Voice by al-Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Islam – The Best Motivator [PDF]
  • Islam – The Religion of Dialogue by al-Syed Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah [PDF]
  • Islam and Nationalism – A Theoretical Point of View by al-Syed Ahmad Rahnamai – Part 1 [PDF] – Part 2 [PDF]
  • Islam and Nationalism by al-Syed Ali-Mohammad Naqavi [PDF]
  • Islam and Physical Care by Al-Balagh Foundation [PDF]
  • Islam and the Contemporary Man by al-SyedMuhammad Husayn Tabataba’i [PDF]
  • Islam and Just War Pacifism by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Islam and Just War Theory by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Islam and the Secular Mind by Abulala Mawdudi [PDF]
  • Islam vs. Feminism by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Islamic Conception of Love and Goodness [PDF]
  • Islamic Doctrine and Deeds by al-Shaykh Basheer al-Najafi[PDF]
  • Islamic Philosophy by Asgariyazdi [PDF]
  • Islamic Thought by Muhammad Saidi-Mihr & Amir Divani – Book 1 [PDF] – Book 2 [PDF]
  • Islamic Understanding of Prayer by Fatemeh Nazari [PDF]
  • Islamic Views on Human Rights – Viewpoints of Iranian Scholars [PDF]
  • Islamology by Dr. Ali Shariati [PDF]
  • Justice as a Virtue of the Soul by Marzieh Sadeqi [PDF]
  • Knowledge of God in Greek Philosophy and in the Divine Religions by Reza Barehjkar [PDF]
  • Lessons from Ashura by Khalil Jaffer[PDF]
  • Levels of Submission by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Logic for Islamic Rules by al-Shaykh Nasir Makarem Shirazi [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Logical Foundations of Induction by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Love and Hate for God’s Sake by al-Syed Mujtaba Sabouri [PDF]
  • Man and Faith by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Man and His Destiny by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Man and the Formation of Social Life according to Tafsir al-Mizan by Muhammad Akwan [PDF]
  • Man and Universe by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Man, Marxism and Islam by Dr. Ali Shariati [PDF]
  • Man’s Social Evolution by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Mantiq [Logic] by al-Shaykh Muhammad Ridha al-Muthaffar [PDF]
  • Marxism and Other Western Fallacies by Dr. Ali Shariati [PDF]
  • Me and Myself by Asghar Hussain Shaheedi [PDF]
  • Methods of Religious Thought in Islam by al-Syed Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i [PDF]
  • Miracles and the Principle of Causality – Christian and Shi’a Perspectives by Hanieh Tarkian [PDF]
  • Mourning for Imam Husayn (a) and its Outcomes by Mahnaz Heydarpoor [PDF]
  • Mulla Sadra on Theodicy and the Best of All Possible Worlds by Ibrahim Kalin [PDF]
  • Mullā Sadrā’s Teaching on the World of Command and MirDamad’s Theory of Meta-Temporal Origination by Yanis Eshots [PDF]
  • Mulla Sadra’s Transcendent Philosophy [PDF]
  • Necessity, Causation and Determinism in Ibn Sina and His Critics by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Need of Religion by al-Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • No More Nonsense by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen
    • Proving God with Anselm and Sohravardi [PDF]
    • Reason and the Spiritual Journey in the Company of Anselm and Suhrawardi [PDF]
  • Nonreductive Pluralism and Religious Dialogue by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • On Being Human – Essays from the Fifth Shi`i Muslim Mennonite Christian Dialogue by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • On Getting the Last Word in by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • On the Plurality of Religious Pluralisms by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Our Philosophy by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Perspectives on the Concept of Love in Islam by Mahnaz Heydarpoor[PDF]
  • Philosophical Instructions by al-Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi [PDF]
  • Philosophy of Hajj and Fasting by al-Shaykh Mushtaq Hussain Shahidi [PDF]
  • Philosophy of Islam by al-Syed Muhammad Beheshti and al-Shaykh Muhammad Javad Bahonar [PDF]
  • Pithy Aphorisms Wise Sayings and Counsels by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Politico-Religious Fundamentals for Renunciation of Polytheism by al-Syed Javad Varree [PDF]
  • Portraits of Youth in the Quran and the History of Islam by Ali Dawani [PDF]
  • Principles of Sociology in Islam [PDF]
  • Rationality of Islam by al-Syed Abul Qasim al-Khoei [PDF]
  • Reason and Inspiration in Islam – Theology, Philosophy and Mysticism in Muslim Thought Essays in Honour of Hermann Landolt [PDF]
  • Reason, Faith & Authority – A Shi’ite Perspective by al-Shaykh Mohammed Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Reflections on Ashura-Oriented Literature by Muhammad-Reza Fakhr-Rohani [PDF]
  • Reinterpreting the ‘Quickening’ Perspective in the Abortion Debate by al-Shaykh Farrokh B. Sekaleshfar [PDF]
  • Religion and Freedom by al-Shaykh Mohammed Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Religion and Politics by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Religion and the World by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Religion in Nahjul Balagha by al-Syed Javad Mostafavi [PDF]
  • Religious Democracy by Mohammad Bagher Khorramshadi [PDF]
  • Religious Tolerance in Islam by al-Syed Muhammad Rizvi [PDF]
  • Research Methods in Islamic Sciences by al-Shaykh Mansour Leghaei [PDF]
  • Responding to the Religious Reasons of Others by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Satan – The Accursed [PDF]
  • Sayyid Haydar Amuli – An Overview of His Doctrines Thesis by Morteza Tehrani [PDF]
  • Scientific Survey – Islamic Ideology by al-Syed Muhammad Beheshti [PDF]
  • Secrets of Success by al-Shaykh Ja’far Subhani [PDF]
  • Seeking Knowledge [PDF]
  • Seeking the Straight Path by Diana (Masooma) Beatty [PDF]
  • Self Knowledge by al-Shaykh Mohammed Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Seven Most Loved Things in Life Compiled by [PDF]
  • Spiritual Dimensions of Mourning for Imam Husayn (a) by al-Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali – Part I – The Divine Plan for Human Salvation [PDF] – Part II – The Role of Hardship and Suffering in Spiritual Progress [PDF] – Part III – How True Mourning Can Lead to the Goodly Life [PDF]
  • Spiritual Discourses by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Status of Women in Islam – A Critical Analysis on a Matter of Equality by Ghulam Hossein Adeel [PDF]
  • Surrender and Realisation – Imam Ali on the Conditions for True Religious Understanding by James Morris [PDF]
  • Tahzeeb ul Khasail by Hassanally P. Ebrahim [PDF]
  • Tasheeh al-I’tiqaad [Emendation of Shiite Creed] Compiled by al-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Mufeed [PDF]
  • The Causes Responsible for Materialist Tendencies in the West by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • The Core of Islam by al-Syed Fadhel al-Milani [PDF]
  • The Deficiencies of Women in the Eyes of Imam Ali in Nahj al-Balagha by al-Shaykh Nasir Makarem Shirazi [PDF]
  • The Ethics of Authenticity by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • The Final Collapse by al-Shaykh Fadhlullah Haeri [PDF]
  • The Final Conclusion Published by Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba [PDF]
  • The History and Philosophy of Azadari of Imam Husayn [PDF]
  • The Human Being in the Qur’an by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • The Ideal of Islam [PDF]
  • The Importance of Knowledge in Islam by S. A. Husain [PDF]
  • The Issues of Wisdom and Ignorance Compiled by [PDF]
  • The Mystery of Life by al-Syed Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari [PDF]
  • The Paths of Right and Wrong by al-Syed Hyder Raza [PDF]
  • The Philosophy of Husayn’s Sacrifice & Our Azadari by al-Syed Muhammad Rizvi [PDF]
  • The Philosophy of Services by al-Shaykh Mushtaq Hussain Shahidi [PDF]
  • The Philosophy of The Holy Month of Ramadhan – A Discourse by al-Syed Jawad Naqvi [PDF]
  • The Place of Knowledge in Islam by al-Syed Mohamad Sohofi [PDF]
  • The Problem of Contradiction in Islamic Philosophy by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • The Purpose and Aim of Creating the Human by al-Syed Kamal al-Haydari [PDF]
  • The Tendency of Rationalizing the Laws of the Shari’ah by al-Syed Muhammad Rizvi [PDF]
  • The Theory of ‘Alam al Khalq and ‘Alam al-‘Amr [PDF]
  • The Touch of Grace by al-Shaykh Nasir Makarem Shirazi [PDF]
  • The Source of Rights by al-Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi [PDF]
  • The Status of Knowledge in Islam by Mohammad Hossein Faryab [PDF]
  • Theology and Metaphysics in Nahjal Balaghah by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Ultimate Questions in Philosophy of Religion by al-Shaykh Mansour Leghaei [PDF]
  • Understanding God’s Mercy by al-Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali  Part 1 [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF]  Part 3 [PDF]  Part 4 [PDF]  Part 5 [PDF]  Part 6 [PDF]  Part 7 [PDF]  Part 8 [PDF]
  • Universality of Islam by al-Syed Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i [PDF]
  • Western Nationalism and Islamic Nationhood by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • What is Justice by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari[PDF]
  • Wisdom of the Unseen by al-Syed Amir Raza [PDF]
  • Worship and Prayer by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Your Questions Answered – Vol. 1 [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]– Vol. 2 [PDF] Alternate [PDF] – Vol. 3 [PDF] – Alternate [PDF] – Vol. 4 [PDF] – Alternate [PDF] – Vol. 5 [PDF] – Alternate [PDF] – Vol. 6 [PDF] – Alternate [PDF] – Vol. 7 [PDF]Alternate [PDF] by al-Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

Economics and Politics.

  • A Brief Summary of Islam by al-Shaykh Nasir Makarem Shirazi [PDF]
  • A Call to Divine Unity by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • A Critique of Islamic Arguments on Human Cloning by al-Shaykh Farrokh B. Sekaleshfar [PDF]
  • A Cursory Glance at the Theory of Wilayat al-Faqih by al-Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi [PDF]
  • A Glance at Tomorrow’s History by Dr. Ali Shariati [PDF]
  • A Living Religion with Exalted Teachings [PDF]
  • Al-Tawhid Journal [PDF]
  • An Introduction to Principles of Islamic Banking by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • An Introduction to the Political Upheaval at Medina by Muhammad Sultan Mirza [PDF]
  • An Outline of Governance from a Qur’anic Perspective by al-Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi [PDF]
  • Aspects of the Political Theory by al-Syed Muhammad Shirazi [PDF]
  • Ayatollah Khomeini and the Muslim World [PDF]
  • Beyond the Moslem Nation States by Kalim Siddiqui [PDF]
  • Capitalism Wakes Up by Dr. Ali Shariati [PDF]
  • Democracy and Constitution by al-Shaykh Hosseinali Montazeri [PDF]
  • Economic System in Islam by Abdul Husain Muhammad [PDF]
  • Educational Revolution by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Foreign Policy of an Islamic State by al-Shaykh Ibrahim Amini [PDF]
  • Glimpses of Certain Aspects of Islam by al-Syed Nasim Jafarey [PDF]
  • History of Banking and Islamic Laws by al-Syed Safeer Reza Naqvi [PDF]
  • Islam and the Secular Mind by Abulala Mawdudi[PDF]
  • Islamic Bioethics by al-Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • If Islam Were to Be Established in Iraq by al-Syed Muhammad Shirazi [PDF]
  • Imam Ali and Political Leadership by al-Shaykh Muhammad Reyshahri [PDF]
  • Importance of Problems of World View by al-Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi [PDF]
  • Iqtisaduna [Our Economics] – Vol. 01 Part 1 [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF] – Vol. 2 Part 1 [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF] by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr
  • Islam – Jafari Rules of Personal Status by Majeed Hamad Al–Najjar [PDF]
  • Islam and Politics by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Islam and Revolution by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Islam and Schools of Economics by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Islam and the Modern Age by al-Syed Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i [PDF]
  • Islam and the Political Order[PDF]
  • Islam for All by Reza Esfahani [PDF]
  • Islam is a Political Religion by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Islam Wants Governments to Serve the People by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Islam, Dialogue and Civil Society by al-Syed Mohammad Khatami [PDF]
  • Islamic Government by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Islamic Movements in the Twentieth Century by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Islamic Political Theory by al-Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi
  • Islamic Principles by alBalagh Foundation [PDF]
  • Islamic Unity and Happiness by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Islamic View on Imposed Peace by al-Shaykh Mohammad-Ali Tashkiri [PDF]
  • Islamic Views on Human Rights – Viewpoints of Iranian Scholars [PDF]
  • Lectures by al-Syed Muhammad Beheshti [PDF]
  • Modern Issues in Islamic Judiciary by al-Syed Abul Qasim al-Khoei [PDF]
  • Most Killed, Least Covered – The Case of Syrian Shia [PDF]
  • On the Plight of the Oppressed People by Dr. Ali Shariati [PDF] 
  • Palestine by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Pithy Aphorisms Wise Sayings and Counsels by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Politico-Religious Fundamentals for Renunciation of Polytheism by al-Syed Javad Varree [PDF]
  • Red Shi’ism, Black Shi’ism by Dr. Ali Shariati [PDF]
  • Reflections for Managers by Yousuf Ali Ghadir [PDF]
  • Reinterpreting the ‘Quickening’ Perspective in the Abortion Debate by al-Shaykh Farrokh B. Sekaleshfar [PDF]
  • Religion and Politics by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Religious Democracy by Mohammad Bagher Khorramshadi [PDF]
  • Research Methods in Islamic Sciences by al-Shaykh Mansour Leghaei [PDF]
  • Revolution in Arab World by al-Syed Jawad Naqvi [PDF]
  • Role of Islamic Scientists in the Advancement of Science by al-Shaykh Muhammad Mufattah [PDF]
  • Science and the Muslim Ummah by Dr. Mahdi Gulshani [PDF]
  • Shia Genocide in Pakistan [PDF]
  • Shi’ite Political Revival in Iraq during the Early Twentieth Century [PDF]
  • Spirituality and Politics by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Sun of Justice by Muhammad Reza Hakimi [PDF]
  • Sunni & Shia – A Pitiful Outcry by Dr. Ezzoddin Ibrahim [PDF]
  • Tale of the “Chosen People” and the Legend of “Historical Right” by Mohammad Taqi Taqipour [PDF]
  • The Absolute Truth by Jameel Kermalli [PDF]
  • The Ashura Uprising by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • The Concept of an Islamic Republic by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari[PDF]
  • The Contribution of Islamic Civilization to the Scientific and Technical Advancement of the World by Jahanbakhsh Thawaqib [PDF]
  • The Despotic Rulers by al-Shaykh Muhammad Jawad Mughniyya [PDF]
  • The Divine Cultural Revolution by al-Syed Muhammad Beheshti [PDF]
  • The Elixir of Love by al-Shaykh Muhammad Reyshahri [PDF]
  • The Islamic Government by Abdus Samad [PDF]
  • The Islamic Movement – A System’s Approach [PDF]
  • The Islamic System of Government by al-Syed Muhammad Shirazi [PDF]
  • The Narrative of Awakening by Hamid Ansari [PDF]
  • The Principles of State and Govenment in Islam by Muhammad Asad [PDF]
  • The Psychological Role of Islam in Economic Development by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • The Revolutionary Line of Action by al-SyedRuhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • The Role of Women Towards the System of Wilayat by al-Syed Jawad Naqvi [PDF]
  • The Socio-Political Thought of Ayatollah al-Fayadh [PDF]
  • Theory of Justice by al-Syed Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Towards a Definition of Terrorism by al-Shaykh Muhammad Ali Tashkiri [PDF]
  • Towards an Islamic Economy by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • War, Peace and Non-violence (An Islamic Perspective) by al-Syed Muhammad Shirazi [PDF]Alternate [PDF]
  • Western Civilization through Muslim Eyes by al-Syed Mujtaba Musawi Lari[PDF]
  • Western Nationalism and Islamic Nationhood by al-Shaykh Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • What Do You Know about Islamic Economics? by al-Syed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Wilayatul Faqih [The Governance of the Jurist] by Akbar Asad Ali Zadeh [PDF]